children’s day

14th November is celebrated as children’s day across India.

It is in honor of Jawaharlal Nehru or “Chacha” Nehru as he was fondly called by children.

Thinking back I feel since we have a day dedicated to mothers and fathers, it’s obvious that we should have a day dedicated to children.

As a child my favorite memories include climbing mango trees or  lazing on a broad branch of the cashew tree in Goa… trips to the Chowpatty with my cousins….reading Enid Blyton’s novels throughout the vacations…eating piping hot delicious food prepared by my grandmother….fighting for the larger slice of ice cream…

My favorite memories with my parents involved helping my mother mash the boiled dal…such simple joy…. running hand in hand with my father…the sheer exhilaration of just feeling the wind on our faces…

Our childhood was free of gadgets, camps and activity classes except for a select few.

As time has evolved, these things have changed.

But still if I think back about my favorite memories with my child, few which stand out the most are the times spent chatting in the car… her laughing ringing in my ears as she jumped on one wave after the other on the beach… just listening to her sing in her sweet voice…or the tight hug I get after a particularly long day…

It just goes on to prove that we need not have expensive stuff to make childhood memorable.

They say, “The more things change the more they remain the same”.

As I think about the time spent as a child or now as a parent, I realize that the things which gave me joy as a child or as a parent were simple things…..things which did not cost a fortune; just time and company….

This children’s day, let us gift our children the gift of time and undivided attention.

Let them bloom with the attention and care we shower on them.

I would request everyone to share their own favorite childhood memory with their child…

Make it a point to share it with whomever the memory is associated with.

It’s fun to bond over nostalgic memories.

Let’s take the opportunity to reconnect with our parents, children or family.

This Children’s day, let’s rekindle the child within us and try to bond without the barriers of ego or time constraints which bind us as adults.

I wish a happy children’s day to all my readers and tiny ones.

Be a child at heart.







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