Everest dreams


A dear patient of mine just completed the Everest base camp.

When her father came to take emergency medicines before embarking on the journey, I just asked him what made him undertake such an adventure with his child.

He said the first time he went to base camp, he had promised himself that when his child was old enough he would take her to base camp.

Parental dreams for their child are boundless.

They range from the more common ‘doctor banaege, engineer banaenge’ to scaling the tallest peaks on the planet.

With the recent spurt in India’s astronomical prowess, parents have now started dreaming about their children conquering the universe. Literally, ‘Masters of the universe’.

But every dream need not be high-brow.

Dreams about the child can be as simple as getting a hug every day after coming back from work….

Or reading a story to your child before bed every night…

Or ensuring that you pick up or drop the child every day to school…

Or even playing cricket every Sunday with your child in the park…

What is important is that a parent dreams about making their child the most important part of their life.

Whether it is quality time spent by working parents or a home maker whose entire day revolves around a child’s schedule, the moments a parent spends with a child are very important for a child’s psyche.

As the first semester exams are coming close, let us bear in mind that life is not only about exams.

Let us make our child understand about what dreams we have about them without the pressure to fulfil them.

This could be a great opening to ask a child about his/her dreams about life.

Finally, dreams are your thoughts for a better life.

So today, let us take some time out of our busy lives and make a list about what dreams we have about our children.

Let us present it to our child and discuss their thoughts about it.

The soaring and uninhibited imagination of our children may take those dreams to heights which are undreamed off…

I will end with a quote by the famous Walt Disney,

“Part of the Disney success is our ability to create a believable world of dreams that appeals to all age groups.”

P.S. – So what is your dream about your child?







2 thoughts on “Everest dreams”

  1. Mami it’s a very nice motivational article. I loved it but not mandatory that all the dreams of parents should be achieved by the child because if this happens the child who also has his/her some own dreams, so the dreams of that child may not be completed. The child has to struggle for completing his/her parents dreams and may leave his/her dreams behind (If cannot strike the balance between completing both the dreams). I totally agree that child achieving parent’s dreams, will make parents happy and proud but then the dreams of parents shouldn’t be forced on the child. This is my view about this article and totally enjoyed reading it.👍❤

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