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Exam weeks are here…

All parents are going nuts trying to cram facts not just in their kiddos’ brains but trying to learn them themselves…

While we are going crazy and getting stressed it’s very important to remember that life is not all about exams.

So let us see how we can make exam week a little better.

Depending on the amount of preparation you have put in the months before, plan the day before exams accordingly.

Do not study continuously and for long periods at a stretch.

A small break in between monotonous topics will work wonders for the grasping capacity.

Meal breaks are equally important.

Adequate sleep is something which always gets ignored in the run towards the exams.

Sleep helps in consolidation of all the facts which have been learnt.

In fact a refreshed mind will help a child correlate and answer questions better than a mind which is fatigued with cramming.

Also, as parents it’s very important not to pile on our expectations and our stress onto the child.

Every child is different from the other and every child is not an extension of the parents’ personality.

Some child may not like constant studying but may like studying in short bursts with breaks in between, while another may want to finish studying at a go and then take a longer break.

It’s imperative that we understand our child’s personality and tailor the studying schedules accordingly.

Before the exam instead of demoralizing the child, let us try to boost their confidence.

The extra dose of confidence and a smile or hug from the parent can work better than any last minute facts not just in answering the paper but most importantly in facing the exam on a good note.

With the rising incidence of suicides and depression in children we should inculcate healthy studying habits ourselves.

Let us remember that academic exams are not the only factor which will determine how our child fares in life.

Life is the biggest exam.

It’s how we teach our child to approach any exam/situation; whether it is systematic studying/ planning, ability to deal unexpected questions/unforeseen circumstances and to accept success or failures with equanimity; which will decide how our child ultimately clears the exam of life.

“The exam of life has only one rule-Don’t quit”.



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