MR Vaccine FAQs

“Doctor, the school has sent a MR vaccine CONSENT FORM. Should I sign it for my child?”

Last time, we have seen how Measles and Rubella manifest in children.
There are multiple questions in the minds of parents since the launch of MR vaccine campaign.
Today, we will try to address these questions in a simple way.

Q1- What is the age group for vaccination?
A1- Children between 9 months – 15 years should take the MR vaccine.

Q2- My child has already received 2 doses of the vaccine, should I still take it?
A2- Yes, it is to be taken irrespective of previous number of doses. Just like we take pulse polio doses
in addition to routine polio doses, this is an additional dose.

Q3- What is the benefit of giving extra dose when we have already completed these doses in routine
immunisation schedule?
A3- The additional dose boosts the immunity of already immunised children. Antibody levels against
diseases, wane after some time. As a result, vaccinated children may have a breakthrough disease,
(i.e.) the disease breaks through the immunity conferred by the vaccine). That is the logic of giving
additional and booster doses of vaccines.

Q4- Is the government vaccine safe?
A4- This is a World Health Organisation( WHO ) pre-qualified vaccine, so it is SAFE.

Q5- Should we take our routine MMR vaccine dose after MR vaccine?
A5- Yes, all routine doses of MMR should be taken, even if MR vaccine is taken.

Q6- Will they use the same syringes and needles multiple times?
A6- The syringes and needles which are being used are single use AD (Auto- Disabled), i.e. they
automatically get disabled against repeat use.

Q7- What could be the side effects of the vaccine?
A7- Mild fever, rash, redness, swelling and pain at the injection site are the usual side effects, if any.

Q8-Who should not take the vaccine?
A8-High fever, serious illness, hospitalised children, known serious allergy to a vaccine in the past,
immune-compromised children, child on steroids or immune-suppressant therapy.

Q9–Where is the vaccine available?
A9- The vaccine is available in a phased manner; initially in schools followed by health out-reach
facilities. It is also available at Government health facilities.

Q10- What if there is an unexpected reaction to the vaccine?
A10- All immunisation sessions are linked to fully equipped health centres to deal with any adverse

After reading this information, parents can sign their consent forms with confidence. Confidence,
that they are boosting their child’s immunity for a healthy future.



4 thoughts on “MR Vaccine FAQs”

  1. Hi Doc, My son has completed his 9months on the 27th of Nov and has taken his routine mmr vaccination as per his immunization schedule on 1st Dec’18. Shuld I give him the MR vaccination arranged by the government?? If yes, when can I give it? I mean how many days of gap is required. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

  2. hi doctor,
    My daughter has cold and mild fever ,so she could not attend school on Thursday and Friday. The vaccination is planned on Monday. Can she still take the vaccine?

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